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Notice: Demo mode is currently active. Any database actions submitted via management interface functions that manipulate table data are confirmed but are not executed. Additionally, some file, account and mail based functions are unavailable in demo mode.

Presented below are links to the documentation available for the KHXC and all the KHXC-based applications and modules controlled by this installation of the KHXC. Documentation is delivered in Adobe PDF format and requires Acrobat Reader to view.

ClickCartPro XCS Core

KHXC Version XCS.Standard.006: The ClickCartPro XCS Standard Core provides core and administrative functionality for web-based applications via an integrated web application framework.

PDF Documentation: KHXC Version XCS.Standard.006

ClickCartPro XCS

GBU Version XCS.Standard.006: ClickCartPro XCS Standard is a e-commerce engine and online store generator which is customised for the European market.

PDF Documentation: GBU Version XCS.Standard.006

GBU Version XCS.Standard.005: The GBU base module provides a generic base class for application modules to extend.

PDF Documentation: GBU Version XCS.Standard.005



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