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"ClickCartPro is one of the best; it combines a broad-based backend with a relatively straightforward Web-based administration system. Best of all, it scales with your needs, allowing database integration for advanced inventory and accounts control, and providing seamless access to all the UK's major online payment processing services"

Customer Feedback

"CCP6 is fantastic, and I'm really enjoying working with it."
- Forum User QMStores

"I don't think I've ever been through a website install process that was as painless as this one."
- Forum User C3Motorsport

"I never ever expected all this... That's all I can say. (After installing CCP6)"
- Forum User davediamond

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Release Notes

Below are release notes for ClickCartPro. The most recent release is offered for sale on this site.

ClickCartPro XCS Professional Variant

  • Added multi language support using Google Translate.
  • Added separate meta title to product, category and web pages.
  • Added separate meta description to product, category and web pages.
  • Added user defined text to the standard SEO urls to product, category and web pages.
  • Added define your own SEO urls which automatically edits the .htaccess to add/remove the required rewrites.
  • Added new calendar product option.
  • Added new file upload product option.
  • Added the option to include images to check box and radio button product options.
  • Added option to take a calendar date during the checkout.
  • Added new file upload product option.
  • Added the option to include images to check box and radio button product options.
  • Added option to take a calendar date during the checkout.
  • Added the feature to upload multi images for the product large and extra large image on insert or update.
  • Added the feature to upload one image that is automatically resized for a product small, large and extra large images.
  • Added a template system for the product, product option and category entry. This allows you to set-up a template for a product that pre-defines things like shipping, user group visibility, display area, related product, wholesale etc. This makes the product insert/update page more manageable.
  • Added the TinyMCE html editor to the product and web pages in the admin.
  • Added visibility by user group to web pages and payment gateways.
  • Added option to exclude visibility by user group, this allows you to present different products, categories, web pages and payment gateways to say a wholesale user, from basic user or guests.
  • Added the option to show recently visited product menu.
  • Added the option to stay on the same page after add to cart or go to the view cart page.
  • Added option to show delivery prices on the view cart page.
  • Added the option customer reward scheme, the customer collects reward points and can convert them into discount vouchers.
  • Added support for multi country postcode to address look up.
  • Added the option to show the percentage, amount or both saved on sale price.
  • Added the option to show the first level of sub categories in the category menu.
  • Added the option to add a custom ship category. This allows you to use one custom shipping script for multi type of items to be delivered.
  • Added gift certificate price type.
  • Added new image banner functionality, this shows random banner images on the side bar or at the bottom of the webpage. The images can be link to external or internal url.
  • Added the option to have a news/blog page. This allows you to insert/update news items on your website that can be access by the use via a new menu or via a news page.
  • Added the option to show separate brands or manufacture menu.
  • Added product search reporting.
  • Added product activity reporting.
  • Improved the multi currency to make it easier to add/delete currencies.
  • Added the option to automatically update the currency exchange rate once a day.
  • Added the currency information to the order, so that the customer will always see the price they paid.
  • Added when you cancel an order the reward points and inventory taken for the order will be reversed.
  • Added fully multi currency support for WorldPay and PayPal standard payment gateways.
  • Updated PayPalPro payment gateway to use 3D secure.
  • Updated the SagePay payment gateways to use the latest version.
  • Updated the HSBC from payment gateway.
  • Added HSBC API payment gateway.
  • Added PayPoint Cash payment gateway.
  • Added the option to add an expiry date to a discount code.
  • Added a new type of discount code that can only be used once per account use.
  • Fixed the problem of spaces and non standard character in the product, category and product option id when you insert an item.
  • Fixed the problem of required product option not turning red when missed.
  • Fixed the problem of inward links with a session id in them (sid=) causing all the customers following that link to share the same session id and therefore see each other data.
  • Fixed 5.3.0 PHP issues.
  • Improved the raw database admin by allowing you to import primary key column and any number of other columns. This allows you to say update the product inventory by just import a csv with the product id and product invlevel.

ClickCartPro 6.0-UK

  • UK specific payment gateways  Protx(Form and Direct), Secpay(Form and Secure), Nochex, HSBC, Barclays ePDQ, e-clear, MetaCharge, Securetrading, NetBanx, PPPAY, Secure Hosting and change to WorldPay to allow recurring payment.
  • EU Vat functiuonality.
  • Postcode to Address functionality use Postcode anywhere service PostCode Anywhere
  • Sage order and customer export function.
  • The address and other parts customised for the UK market.

ClickCartPro 6.0-US

  • Written in 100% pure PHP now using an object oriented programming model.
  • All core application tasks were ported to the Kryptronic Hybrid X Core (KHXC), a web application framework that allows for easy unified management of several applications. The KHXC provides common APIs, display buffering and printing, mail (TEXT and XHTML), startup and shutdown as well as daily and weekly task execution, security, a management interface, central user account management, common application interfaces and more. The KHXC supports database interaction with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • The KHXC with ClickCartPro installed has been benchmarked at 5 times faster than ClickCartPro 5.1 and 400 times more resource efficient.
  • With the port of all core application tasks to the KHXC, ClickCartPro was designed to plugin as one or one of many applications running under the KHXC installation. This allows users to run multiple instances of ClickCartPro or other KHXC-based applcations using a single core installation.
  • The KHXC display modules used by ClickCartPro render in fully valid XHTML Strict 1.0 code using CSS. The displays are WAI Complaint to levels 1 and 2 for accessibility.
  • Because of the use of the KHXC management interface, ClickCartPro adminsitrators now have the ability to use a PHPMyAdmin-like RawDB Admin interface which allows full control over table structures, the ability to import and export CSV data, full table browsing and guided and unguided select modes, screen output mode select and atomic sql statement submission is now permitted. Connections to other database accounts can be stored and the KHXC can be used to access that data using RawDB Admin.
  • ClickCartPro was coded to make use of core APIs using a 100% PHP object oriented codebase.
  • The new KHXC Display skin system allows changes of skins in ClickCartPro at the product, category, namespace, webpage and dynamic form levels and allows for the use of multiple display skins per installation.
  • Dynamically generated menu system triggered by the display skin. Menus include Main Menu, Categories, Online Store Menu, Quick Store Search, Shopping Cart, Application Changer (if other applications are installed), Currencies, Account Menu, Recently Visited Pages, Popular Pages.
  • All mail messages are now delivered in both TEXT and XHTML format. The XHTML mail messages use a skin that can be altered using the new skin management interface.
  • Instructional information for all settings and form fields as well as forms is provided in the mangement interface for all management functions. New PDF-based manuals have bookmarks and a directory of all of the management functions.
  • Dynamic Forms have been reworked to provide better output and easier mangement.
  • PHP coding now permitted in product detail view, product category view and product list view displays for products and categories.
  • New wholesale system. Enter prices in on the product level for wholesalers or run global percentage discounts. Or, do both and vary the method used per wholesaler account.
  • New affiliate system. Enter commissions in on the product level for affiliates or run global percentage commissions. Or, do both and vary the method used per affiliate account.
  • New Wholesale Account and Affiliate Account sections added to the account management interface. An account upgrade request was also added for basic users.
  • Account management for users includes new options to change their email address, password, contact information, subscribe to email lists, and a new delivery address book interface which allows users to store multiple delivery addresses online in their account.
  • Multiple email subscription lists now supported. Options include the ability to send messages (TEXT and XHTML) to all users, users having particular subscriptions, or all subscribers. Mail list send function is now a multi-task operation to allow for mass communication without being subject to server limitations.
  • New online store catalog functions include old favorites like the store home, specials, shopping cart and checkout, but now have new functions including view all products, advanced search, product index, best sellers and new products.
  • In addition to the new advanced search, customer now have sort by price and name options in the online store and a new breadcrumbs system accurately gives the customer a trail which they've followed through the store.
  • Customer account based wish lists can store items for customers for later purchase.
  • Shopping cart now displays delete item and move item to wish list buttons. In addition the update shopping cart button is still available with quantity selections for mass updates.
  • Multi-product add to cart displays for categories. A new display type for categories was added that allows additions to the cart for multiple products with quantity options via the same page.
  • Shopping cart now displays thumbnail images for products.
  • New checkout system is a two step process for customers with accounts. Create Order: where the customer creates their order by adjusting their shipping options, entering discount codes and making up to ten custom field selections and entries - all on one page. Review and Pay: Step two of the process where payment information is entered and the entire order is reviewed for accuracy.
  • Shipping prices, discounts, state/province and country taxes and custom sale amounts are all recalculated when changes are made to the order. Orders now maintain state so upon leaving checkout and returning, selected options and entries remain intact.
  • Realtime shipping calculations provided by UPS, USPS, FedEx and Intershipper. Account configuration is embedded in the management interface for realtime shipper accounts and no additional modules are needed to get rates.
  • Realtime shipment tracking provided within the store for UPS, USPS and FedEx. Now tracking number entries are on the order level for easy management. Multiple tracking numbers and multiple carriers can be used to provide package tracking information to users.
  • Integrations updated to use current PHP code for all integrated processors. Easier to setup PayPal Website Payments Pro and Linkpoint API.
  • Quickbooks and Peachtree modules provided identical functionality as previous versions but now use a unified download system in the management interface.
  • Streamlined order management process now makes orders easier to complete and fill. Pending and Completed orders are now separated in different displays.
  • Email a friend now displayed on a separate page with a link from the product detail page.
  • Lightbox 2.0 popup image scripting now used for standards compliant CSS/JavaScript based extra large product image popups.
  • New reports system allows for detailed reporting on the day, month, year and page viewed levels.
  • New content management system built into ClicKCartPro allows for page generation in XHMTL, pure PHP or a combination of both.
  • A new currency system provides currency conversions in many popular currencies. This setting is defined by the customer and carries forward through the whole order process and even into order email messages and printable invoices.
  • Multiple download files per product and for product option selection items are supported in the digital download system.

ClickCartPro v. 5.1-UK

  • Added the UK VAT calculation for prices incl or excl VAT.
  • Allowed the collection of EU VAT numbers, with the option to allow VAT rebate when any VAT number given or from user definable list. Rebate only given to non UK VAT numbers.
  • Added VAT calculation to recurring prices.
  • Added the option to display prices either incl or excl VAT.
  • Added customers and owners VAT number indication to displayed and printed invoice.
  • Added Company name, address and telephone number to displayed and printed invoice.
  • Customised the address fields in all areas to reflect UK type address.
  • Translated US wording eg check into UK wording cheque.
  • Updated all UK payment processors to use £ as default.
  • Updated WorldPay intregration to support recurring bill (FuturePay).
  • Added progress steps indicators to all stages of the checkout procedure.
  • Added new element to the new mini cart display (CGIVAR)mini_price(/CGIVAR) - shows if prices incl or excl VAT.
  • Added the option to display image in the shopping cart display.
  • Added the following UK payment processors HSBC, ePDQ, SecureHost, Metacharge, e-clear, NetBanx, Securetrading, PPPAY.COM, Velocity Pay and FastPay.
  • Added mini cart display to default layout.
  • Change date to UK format.

ClickCartPro v. 5.1

  • Added support for recurring billing for the payment methods: Authorize.Net AIM Credit Card - Secure Server, Cardservice Linkpoint API - Secure Server, Wells Fargo (Authnet) Credit Card - Secure Server and PayPal - Payment Form and non-realtime methods like offline, check, purchase order and contact customer. Read the payment methods section of the manual for more info.
  • Added support for Instant Payment Notification (IPN) for PayPal transactions.
  • Updated realtime shipping code to order returned services and rates by price instead of by the order returned by the shipper.
  • Added code to allow case-insensitive entry of the order number when tracking orders using the front-end.
  • Added support for realtime shipping rates and service selection from Intershipper.
  • Processor Integrations: ECHOnline, EFSNET, InternetSecure, Caledon, PlugNPay, SurePay, SkipJack, PSiGate, Netbilling, BluePay API, NOCHEX, SECPay, FirstPay, Protx, Spectre & Cardservice Linkpoint API.
  • Shipping Integrations: UPS Online Tools & FedEx DirectConnect.
  • Realtime package tracking for UPS, USPS and FedEx - embedded in CCP (not a link to the shipper's site).
  • Remote product add to cart API Expanded - The remote product add to cart API now allows you to specify shipping logic similar to that defined in Manage Products for database entered products in admin.
  • Affiliate Module - A full blown affiliate module with infinite levels, commission controls, automated signup, payment processing, etc. was added.
  • Exports to Quickbooks & Peachtree accounting software packages.
  • Full SSL Checkout - Admin now has the option to run the entire checkout process in SSL.
  • User Login / Customer Accounts - Users can now create customer accounts. Includes full information updates and an email password function.
  • Rebuilt shipping logic to handle everything including custom shipping on the product level.
  • Major changes to shipping displays - Now all printed shipping information in checkout/order info and generated emails is displayed in shipping groups.
  • Shipper email reconfiguration - Now drop shippers are each sent one email per order.
  • Link to items from the cart.
  • Added a continue shopping button to cart page.
  • Updated display logic - The store splash page, new items, best sellers, specials and search results pages now all have their own display definitions.
  • Added option to display product numbers in the cart/order/emails.
  • Addition of admin control over where to direct user after cart additions.
  • Disable store function - Admin can now do maintenance to the store while users browse the rest of the site.
  • Reset reports function - Now you can reset your statistics via admin.
  • Expanded search functionality - Search logic now contains Any Words, All Words, Exact Phrase logic to allow for more defined searches.
  • Manage Orders interface was updated to include options to regenerate order emails, update inventory, and perform other updates.
  • Custom sale scripting logic to mirror that of custom shipping scripts was added.
  • Context sensitive help & expanded manual.
  • Add emails to maillist on order changes to the mail list logic to make it more server friendly.
  • Admin function to change the time offset.
  • Alter Table Code - Now for a large number of tables marked as configurable, you can add and delete user defined columns to/from tables for all data source formats (CSV and RDBMS) via admin.
  • Relationship Changes - The relationship logic in 5.0 was removed and rewritten to include all relationship formulation on the Manage pages.
  • SQL Engine - Allows admin users to execute SQL on select tables from admin.
  • Added a number of boxes field under Manage Products. Products can ship in own box, multiple boxes or be combined with other items in a single box.
  • Product options can now be required or not required.
  • Switched the order of the Manage Orders screen to show the most recent orders first in the list.
  • Expanded discount functionality to allow admin to include/exclude certain products from discounts.
  • Expanded discount functionality to decline unused discount balances (instead of just expiring them).
  • Order numbers can be either a datestamp, epoch seconds or a random number all either prefixed by the order prefix, or not. Admin's choice.
  • EU VAT & Canadian PST Permit logic was implemented.
  • Larger images popups were added to the product detail pages to allow for three levels of images: thumbnail on category page, detail on product detail page, and extra large image in a popup off the product detail page.
  • Only ship to billing address function added.
  • HTML email functionality added to the admin mail functions.

ClickCartPro v. 5.0

  • Complete re-write of the codebase and architecture to deal with all of the user requests for features and enhancements. All CCP4 features were kept in some fashion and many more were added.
  • All of the database code now uses SQL to query tables.
  • The program runs by default using CSV files (comma separated value), but has the ability to tie into several advanced relational database management systems including MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • 100% of the generated HTML and mail displays and are driven by admin editable elements and database tables for the front end and administrator utility. This makes editing all displays painless and readies the program for easy translation to other languages.
  • All available system variables are now accessible from within HTML pages and elements using a CGIVAR tag and all non-process subroutines and other elements are accessible using CGIGET tags.
  • The administrator utility has a brand new menu system and security enhancements. The administrator codebase was cut by 75% and all displays are generated using system elements.
  • All stored passwords are encrypted using a Digest MD5 algorithm.
  • UPS functionality was enhanced and USPS functionality was added.
  • File uploads are now handled within the administrator, not requiring an additional script.
  • Orders now have many levels of completion, from pending payment to pending shipment, partially shipped, shipped, and completed.
  • Up to 10 customizable fields can be added via admin to the order form and all order form fields are editable using the administrator.
  • The order process now allows for the use of multiple payment options as well as multiple shipping addresses. All information that can be collected on the initial checkout page is requested, making checkout as short as a two step process for some customers (depending on shipping options).
  • Integration with new payment gateways: 2CheckOut, Wells Fargo, ViaKlix, RevEcom.
  • New reports are available including daily statistics, page view statistics and information on products including detail page views, cart adds and orders.
  • New sections to the online store include Best Sellers, New Items and Specials.
  • Category wide discounts are now available in currency or percent amounts. Product can have sale prices and be available or not available for category discounts.
  • Downloadable products are now supported.
  • Product options can now be inventoried, carry their own weight (+ or -) and pricing (+ or -).
  • Items can now be taxable on state/province and country levels and both state/province and country taxation can be done before or after shipping charges are applied. The program allows the charging of tax for multiple states/provinces and countries simultaneously.
  • Dynamic forms have been reworked to present all information in a single step and each form can be assigned it's own email destination.
  • Both products and dynamic forms can now be added/processed without residing in the database tables using a remote HTML post API.
  • Items can now use different shipping methods - you're not tied into one global method for all products.
  • Custom shipping scripts are now editable through the administrator and there are several examples and canned scripts that can be used.
  • The store now uses relationship functionality to manage categories, so an unlimited number of levels of categories is possible.
  • New payment method options include Switch/Solo, check payment and purchase order. All of the gateway processing logic was reworked to make it much easier to add new gateways and administer supported ones.
  • All of the category and product displays are now selectable an editable via admin. You can choose how each individual category and item is displayed, modify those displays, or create new ones.
  • New displays for items include the use of add to cart buttons and short/long descriptions as well as different placement of elements within the various displays.
  • All image displays for items and categories have a fixed width, but not height. As with all other displays, the fixed width can be removed via admin.
  • Products now have shipper zip code and email address fields as well as dimension settings. This allows any product to be drop shipped - and the shipper will receive that item via email with all shipping information and option.
  • Credit card information is encrypted and no longer emailed using the CCP4 methodology.
  • A printable order invoice is now accessible via admin and every customer is presented with a link to a printer friendly version of their order after confirmation.
  • The CCP4->CCP5 upgrade scripting is built into the administrator.
  • The program now uses the CGI Perl module for all form parsing and uploads. This eliminates some secure server errors and provides a better (more widely accepted) way of handling form data.

ClickCartPro v. 4.0

  • Rebuilt the code architecture to effectively reduce program compile times by 80%.
  • All Unix-specific code was removed and the package is now Windows compatible.
  • Integrations with online processors: PayPal, WorldPay and Cardservice International.
  • Integration with the UPS Real Time shipping calculation system.
  • Rebuilt main sections of the HTML produced dynamically by the program to speed up Netscape load times. Now loads 8 times faster in Netscape than version 3.6.
  • The package now has Netscape 6 compatable HTML. The HTML renders perfectly on Netscape 3+, MSIE 3+, KDE Konqueror 1+.
  • The Internet Site Administrator was redesigned to allow for the use of DHTML HierMenus and all aspects of the Administrator look and feel are now configurable.
  • The manual is now included with the install package and is accessible from the front and back ends.
  • Mail output is now parsed so that HTML tags are not printed.
  • The use of three letter country codes in the country database was replaced with the use of the standard two letter codes.
  • Added an option to allow the owner a choice to display the shopping cart while shopping. Also added a choice to show totals in the cart while shopping. Owner can now modify cart size as well.
  • Forked the mail handling to allow for the use of sendmail directly as well as the use of the Mail::Sendmail SMTP module.
  • Modified the banner ad redirection link. A redirection was no longer necessary.
  • Added code to identify valid referring URLs during order processing to increase security.
  • Products with a zero price are now presented without the add to cart button. This allows owners to display and not sell products.
  • Tightened up the code associated with user inputs for product options and dynamic forms.
  • User information is now stored in cookies on the local machine and not in data files on the server. This change allowed for the elimination of the login requirement for orders and form submissions and the elimination of the login code altogether.
  • Order tracking information is now stored in separate data files for each order. This will infinitely increase the order taking capabilities of the program. There are no limits on the number of orders that can be stored online now.
  • All HTML parsing code was pulled into common routines so now macros work in product and category descriptions as well as form headers.
  • Text area tags are now allowed as form inputs on the HTML pages.
  • The software license is now displayed on the initial login to the Internet Site Administrator and is available for viewing in the Manual section.

ClickCartPro v. 3.6

  • Minor release to clean up some of the code in several dynamic form modules.
  • Unused statistical modules were eliminated to speed up program load times.

ClickCartPro v. 3.5

  • Integration with the Bank of America, RT Ware and Planet Payment online processing gateways.
  • Lock down of the program to ensure simultaneous hits cannot disrupt statistical logging and user interaction.
  • Use of the Perl module Mail::Sendmail replaces system calls to the unix sendmail program. This increases portability and functionality.
  • Inclusion of an Apache .htaccess sample file to aid in installations on servers where cgi-bin access is limited.
  • Event handling introduced to process zero balance orders differently than before.
  • Introduction of a dynamic form generator that allows the site owner to add and manage an unlimited number of forms for gathering user input.
  • Inclusion of a call to a new script to aid in custom coding applications where the page has been specified.
  • Added user defined pagination in the store search section. Now users can choose how many search matches are displayed per page.
  • Modified the product option functions to allow for the use of textareas, text boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes and multiple selection lists in addition to the already supported single selection list. Increased the maximum number of selections from 10 to 30.
  • Moved the product display up on the page to create a more natural product presentation for users browsing the store.
  • Added a function to disable images for products and categories across the board and display only textual information in the store for those items.
  • Added the ability to turn shipping completely off during the order process.
  • Added a non-expiring discount code type so that single or multiple users can use the same code an unlimited number of times.
  • Added a view shopping cart button to the top of all applicable store pages.
  • Added a place order button to the shopping cart.
  • Multiple order email addresses are now supported so that everyone in the company can receive orders when they're placed.

ClickCartPro v. 3.4

  • Integration with the Verisign payment gateway.
  • Expansion of the mail list to include multiple lists with admin separate from the edit user functions.
  • All user data is now stored in unique files instead of a central database and the program is now capable of tracking an unlimited number of users.

ClickCartPro v. 3.3

  • Integration with the iTransact payment gateway.
  • Support for offline credit card processing. Using this method, the credit card number is collected on the web site and sent to the store owner for processing. Kryptronic does not recommend using this feature because of inherent security risks, but due to high demand for the feature, we added it.
  • Per-Product email confirmation text was added. You can request more information from your customers when they order specific products, cross-sell others, or provide software download instructions.

ClickCartPro v. 3.2

  • Added an option to run a true declining balance inventory. Now cart items are checked against inventory on each page load. Items that are out of stock are shown as sold.
  • A new look and feel for the store interface. "Very Corporate" as one of our customers put it.
  • Updated HTML content and all-new site layout templates that better match the new store interface.
  • Option for the limitation on the quantities of hot items that can be purchased at one time.
  • Tax exempt products are now supported.
  • The ability to turn off the tracking function. This is nice for store owners that do not wish to make tracking updates or for stores like ClickCartPro where tracking is not applicable.
  • Add to cart and cart modification quantities are now text input boxes instead of the drop down boxes previously used.
  • The ability to add a user using the Internet Site Administrator was added.
  • Users can now have their login information emailed to them if they forget it. They only have to enter a valid email address.
  • Probably the coolest feature: Email A Friend. On the product display, users can email the product to a friend that may be interested.
  • All new look and feel for the Internet Site Administrator.
  • Many new HTML setting features were added including: Use of background images, different footer text color, different font colors for HTML pages vs. store interface pages, different color for store interface background, many more.

ClickCartPro v. 3.1

  • Five site layout themes with complete HTML. Update your site's look and feel with the click of your mouse.
  • Better HTML scripting support and Linux Helvetica font support.
  • Updated HTML text for the provided default pages.
  • A new demo store is provided that really shows off the capabilities of the program. It even has a build your own computer product.
  • The ability to use separate images for category items. You can even use animated images like the new demo store.
  • Support for secure server installations and the ability to accept credit card entries on the web site with a secure order form. Flexible functionality is here that allows you to post to any secure server for credit card entry - even an NT server using ASP scripting.
  • Support for both Authorize.Net and GoRealtime.Com. Now online processing partners are handled using plugin technology so it is easy to add others.
  • Better online processor hand off from the secure server. The 3.0 version displayed both secure and non-secure items on the confirmation page. This is no longer done. All CGI requests also use full URLs now.
  • The shipping calculations and scripting have been updated. Now there is no way to make an error when defining your shipping options. Also, version 3.1 now supports surcharges for orders that are to be shipped outside the country where the site owner does business.
  • True international order and ownership support. The new version no longer is US-Centric like so many others out there. Dynamic address displays, country selections and other updates were made to ensure site owners and customers from around the world can use the package. You can even change the currency symbol now.
  • The settings menu was re-worked to reduce the size of some of the forms and add some new features.
  • Online Processor support now is controlled through one form that is entirely database driven.
  • Site layout theme and country add/modify/delete support was added along with many other functions to aid in administering all the new features.
  • Logout functionality was added to boost security.
  • Program registration. This feature requires registration of the program upon the first use. This will reduce software costs in the long run for everyone.
  • The ability to delete image files was added. In addition to being able to upload images you can now delete them.
  • New administrator graphics provide a nicer look and feel while you're working with your web site.
  • Statistical tracking features were added to give the best possible view of your web site and its operation. Track users in detail, view historical information, get full data for any date, see your busiest days and find out which pages, banners, products, categories, etc. are most and least popular.
  • The software package now comes with its own online manual. This manual details every aspect of installation and running the package.
  • User tracking scripting was re-written to ensure the fastest possible load times and new error handling was introduced.
  • The package can now be delivered in three formats: .tar.gz, .tar and .zip.

ClickCartPro v. 3.0

  • Introduction of the ClickCartPro package as we know it today.
  • Construction and integration began on the E-Z Industries, Inc. web site. Requirements called for a radical departure from the release 2.0 format.
  • All of the release 2.0 and 1.0 code was scrapped for a more modularized, open, database driven architecture.

ClickCartPro v. 2.0

  • Construction and integration continued with the 4Dancers.Com, Inc. web site.
  • Integration with the Authorize.Net payment gateway.
  • This release was not for public sale.

ClickCartPro v. 1.0

  • Construction started with the 4Dancers.Com, Inc. web site.
  • Simple online store and admin functionality was built.
  • This release was not for public sale.
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