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"ClickCartPro is one of the best; it combines a broad-based backend with a relatively straightforward Web-based administration system. Best of all, it scales with your needs, allowing database integration for advanced inventory and accounts control, and providing seamless access to all the UK's major online payment processing services"

Customer Feedback

"CCP6 is fantastic, and I'm really enjoying working with it."
- Forum User QMStores

"I don't think I've ever been through a website install process that was as painless as this one."
- Forum User C3Motorsport

"I never ever expected all this... That's all I can say. (After installing CCP6)"
- Forum User davediamond

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Feature List

  XCS Standard


XCS Professional


Store Categories, Products and Options
Supports an unlimited number of categories   tick tick
Create an unlimited number of levels of categories   tick tick
Supports different display types for products within categories   tick tick
Supports different display types for products detail page   tick tick
Allows you to list products in category views with multi add to cart   tick tick
Product options shown in category view with add to cart buttons   tick tick
Product pricing types: Regular Price, Sale Price   tick tick
Product pricing types: Fully Option Based, Recurring Only, Volume Based, Gift Certificate and Not Priced   cross tick
Recurring billing support allows you to specify monthly charges for products and product options in addition to or in place of one-time charges   cross tick
Volume based pricing allows you to create different price breaks for quantities ordered   cross tick
Each product can be set up under a declining balance inventory system and have maximum purchase quantities assigned   cross tick
Out of stock messages are presented to customers if the inventory level is zero   cross tick
VAT rates for products and product options   tick tick
Enter search keywords for the store's search function   tick tick
Choose to use different displays for each product and up to three different size images   tick tick
Supports multiply large and extra large product images   tick tick
Ability to include product-specific text in email confirmations   tick tick
Two different descriptions for different displays   tick tick
Support for featured and splash page displays   tick tick
Support for best seller, new item, specials, featured and splash page displays   cross tick
Product-level shipping method choices default product based pricing and not shipped   tick tick
Product-level shipping method choices including realtime rates, default product based pricing, user defined and custom shipping scripts   cross tick
Support for digital goods - including full download capabilities   tick tick
Ability to relate products to one another to cross sell them   cross tick
Each product can be related to numerous categories   tick tick
Product options can be of various types including textareas and textboxes (which allow customer input) and selection lists, radio buttons and checkboxes (which allow customer choices)   cross tick
Product option selection items can have postive/negative price and weight changes on the item cost and support recurring billing   cross tick
Each product option can be related to numerous products   cross tick
Front-end search against keywords, description, product name and product number fields   tick tick
Allows you to set the page title and meta information for all categories and products   tick tick
Can change the page skin   tick tick
Product and categories can be visible to all, only select user eg wholesale or not visible   cross tick
You can set the maximum and/or minimum quantity you are allowed to order.   cross tick
Web-Based Administration
All configuration is web-based after install   tick tick
Password-protected administrative access   tick tick
Manage your store from anywhere - all you need is an Internet connection   tick tick
Set up multiple users with different levels of access   tick tick
Make changes to your store in real time   tick tick
Easy to follow menu system   tick tick
Offers functions for virtualy every management task   tick tick
Payment Processing and Checkout
Supports checkout with customer account only or allow guest checkout   tick tick
Support for a minimum total needed to checkout   tick tick
Allows you to ask extra questions at the checkout like how did you find us, agree to our terms and conditions   tick tick
Support for offline credit card and debit card processing   cross tick
Support for contact customer and cheque and purchase order payments   tick tick
Payment gateways:
WorldPay (DirectPay); PayPal(Standard)
  tick tick
Support for realtime processing with 19 UK and 21 USA gateway services:   cross tick
UK gateways:
WorldPay (DirectPay); SagePay(Form & Direct);Barclaycard ePDQ;; PayOffline; Streamline; HSBC; able2buy; SecureHosting; e-clear; Securetrading; NetBanx; NOCHEX; Cardstream; PayPal; PPPAY.COM, Moneybookers; Optimal Payments; Totalweb Solutions
  cross tick
USA gateways:
Authorize.Net (SIM & AIM); Verisign (Payflow Link); 2CheckOut (Authnet Interface); Cardservice International (Linkpoint HTML & API); Wells Fargo (BoA & Authnet Interfaces); iTransact; Bank Of America; viaKLIX; ECHOnline; EFSNET; InternetSecure; Caledon; PlugNPay; SurePay; SkipJack; PSiGate; Netbilling; BluePay; Spectre; FirstPay; Planet Payment (Weblink); RT Ware (Weblink); GoRealTime.Com
  cross tick
Support for PayPal IPN & PayPal Pro   cross tick
You can run multiple payment methods at once   tick tick
Fully customize the order form - including creation of extra fields presented for customer completion at checkout   tick tick
Additional checkout options tax disability exemptions   tick tick
Additional checkout options include discount code entry, tax disability exemptions and an option to be added to the mail list   cross tick
Products can be allocated any VAT rate   tick tick
Product option can be allocated any VAT rate or inherit VAT rate from the product   tick tick
Price can be displayed with no VAT, include VAT or exclude VAT   tick tick
Price can be displayed with both include and exclude VAT prices or just one price.   tick tick
You can select how to charge VAT on the delivery charge.   tick tick
VAT charged on goods and services delivered to EU countries.   tick tick
VAT rebated on goods and services delivered to Non EU countries   tick tick
EU VAT number can be taken at the checkout and with the option to allow VAT rebate when any VAT number given or for valid VAT numbers. Rebate only given to non UK VAT numbers.   tick tick
Produces a VAT invoice with store and customer VAT numbers.   tick tick
Supports directive to supplies of digital services for non-EU businesses.   tick tick
Support Vat exempt due to your disability.   tick tick
Discount and Sales
Support for the entry of discount codes at checkout   cross tick
Discount codes are set up using the web-based administrator   cross tick
Discount codes can be set to expire on use, be of the non-expiring or use one time per user account type   cross tick
Discount codes can include/exclude certain items at the administrator's discresion   cross tick
Discount codes can include an expiry date   cross tick
Discounts can be done as a currency amount or percentage of the items ordered   cross tick
Unused portions of currency amount discounts are saved for future use   cross tick
Custom sale logic allows the administrator to use custom scripts to calculate sales at checkout   cross tick
Order Management, Reporting and Accounting Export
Order management functions include a fully searchable database table, the ability to enter shipping dates and tracking numbers for ordered items and the ability to include comments   tick tick
Customers have the ability to track their orders realtime using the front-end   tick tick
Administrator based reports include:
Administrator Access Log; Product Statistical Report; Page View Report; Daily Activity Report; Search Term Report
  tick tick
A reset reports function is available to reset reports selectively   tick tick
Accounting exports are available for both Quickbooks, Sage, Mamut & Peachtree   cross tick
Customer Care and Retention
The program uses both cookies and URL management to ensure customer shopping carts are retained throughout the shopping experience   tick tick
User billing and shipping info is stored in cookies so it can be pre-populated on return visits   tick tick
Customer account functions allow customers to set up accounts, edit them and retrieve lost passwords   tick tick
The administrator can select whether logging into a customer account is a requirement to checkout   tick tick
Wholesale Management Functions
The program comes with built-in wholesale program   cross tick
You can globally enable or disable the wholesale program   cross tick
A customer can request to upgrade their account to a wholesale account   cross tick
The store owner can give each wholesale account their own discount %   cross tick
The store owner set the wholesale account use the wholesale price for the products   cross tick
You can define categories, products, web pages and payment gateway to only be shown to wholesale customers   cross tick
Affiliate Management Functions
The program comes with a built-in affiliate program   cross tick
The administrator can choose to track referrals with cookies   cross tick
At the administrator's discretion, maximum payouts per order based on a currency amount or percentage can be set   cross tick
The administrator utility has functions to activate affiliates and assign commission levels   cross tick
Affiliate front-end functions include account creation and manangement, lost password retrieval, linking information and order & sales reports   cross tick
Shipping Method Support
The program supports shipping choices on the product level - meaning one product could be downloaded whereas another could be shipped realtime where a third may be custom based   cross tick
Support for realtime rates is available for: UPS OnlineTools   cross tick
Support for embedded tracking information on orders is available for: UPS OnlineTools   cross tick
Default product-based shipping methods allow you to specify a per-item charge at the product level   tick tick
Custom shipping methods allow you to use custom shipping scripts to specify custom calculations of charges at the product level   cross tick
Manage your connection status with UPS OnlineTools realtime using the web-based administrator   cross tick
Support for additional per-package handling charges   tick tick
For realtime methods: The ability to ship items in single boxes, group with other items or to ship in separate boxes   cross tick
Full drop-shipper support including the ability to specify different shipment origins for realtime shipped items   cross tick
Drop-shipper support includes sending order confirmations for items ordered to shippers   cross tick
Email and the Mail List
Both the front-end and administrator utility have contact modules that allow for email based communication between customers and administrators   cross tick
The program is delivered with a full-blown mail list program that allows the administrator to send text-only or HTML-based email messages to subscribers   cross tick
The mail list function allows customers to subscribe/unsubscribe via simple links   cross tick
Installation and Support
No programming required   tick tick
Installs on virtually all webservers   tick tick
Runs in it's own directory - you can run multiple stores on the same domain   tick tick
Does not require a dedicated server - built for virtual hosts   tick tick
Installs via FTP   tick tick
No local platform specific installation package   tick tick
Runs 100% on your webserver   tick tick
Once installed, all configuration is done via the web-based administrator   tick tick
Free support via our online forum   tick tick
Free updates & low-cost upgrades   tick tick
Platform and Database
Editable source codebase   tick tick
Runs on any webserver with PHP 4.3.0 or newer   tick tick
Full SSL/HTTPS support when necessary   tick tick
Operating systems supported include all Unix/Linux, Mac OS X and Windows   tick tick
Advanced Databases supported include MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Microsoft SQL Server   tick tick
All database tables are querried and updated using SQL   tick tick
Add table columns and execute SQL statements in real time using the web-based administrator   tick tick
Easilly import/export data to/from CSV files and advanced databases   cross tick
Layout and Site Design
The site layout is template based, which allows you to use Frontpage or Dreamweaver created HTML in your layout   tick tick
You can match the layout to the look and feel of the rest of your site   tick tick
The administrator has a full content management system built-in with the ability to create script based HTML pages   tick tick
Embedded program-specific tags allow you to include program variables and even code routines in your HTML   tick tick
100% of the front-end layout is configurable in over 200 different layout elements   tick tick
Create new product detail, thumbnail and category displays on-the-fly   tick tick
Change the text of all system messages   tick tick
Change the different email templates used by the program   tick tick
The store portion of the front-end is 100% dynamically generated for you based on your choices in the web-based administrator   tick tick
Using the remote APIs, it's possible to use your existing HTML-based product pages with the store   cross tick
File Management Functions
Full file management functions are available within the web-based administrator   tick tick
The administrator has the ability to upload image and media files   tick tick
The administrator has the ability to upload downloadable files   tick tick
All files uploaded via the program can be viewed/deleted via the web-based administrator   tick tick
Dynamic Forms and Remote APIs
The software comes with a dynamic form function that allows for the setup of web-based forms using a simple administrator interface   cross tick
Choose what types of form fields to present, the questions asked and the email to which results from each form are sent   cross tick
Both the dynamic form and shopping cart functions have remote APIs that allow for shopping cart additions and form submissions to originate from outside HTML pages   cross tick
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