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Buy Magento, not CCP and GBW!

Re: Buy Magento, not CCP and GBW!

Postby Anbar » 30 Sep 2010 20:18

GreenbarnWeb wrote:Hi

We are upfront that we have had problems with Kryptronic the original developer of the software, we have a notice on our website and on this forum. ... _news.html
We have a valid contract that gives us exclusive rights to produce a European version of the software with exclusive software features and payment gateways. We also hold the European trademark for the software.

With hindsight the main problem was that Kryptronic was making losses during 2009 and I know that they did not make payments to Zipskins and Dave Martin (Kryptronic Support Man) for most of 2009. Dave Martin left because Kryptronic stopped paying him. This caused Kryptronic to try and take over the European market as the sales were 4 times more than in the US.

You were far from upfront with us Howard.

In fact: you lied, repeatedly and hid lots of information from us.

You didnt tell us a new version was imminent because that would have led us to discover that you had been kicked into touch by Kryptronic for a whole raft of reasons - notably shoddy coding and P-P customer services. (Oddly enough, our experience of you has been P-P cusotmer service and shoddy coding.)

So, really, what part of "up front" cover hiding the fact that a new version of CCP was due in 5 days and that you were no longer associated with the parent company and owner of the core code??? Or, maybe my definition of "Up front" involves being honest, and yours doesn't.

Now, the people helping us produce an professional website with magento - they aren't hiding nasty little secrets the way you do and they have a track record of professional customer service relations. They also dont operate high-call-cost helplines (their's is free) and they regularly answer emails, telephone messages and so forth - unlike you.

I think the key differene is they are professional, whereas you are a proven liar who cant take the responsibility for his own cockups, lies to his clients and puts out shoddy coding which he then fails to support.

Which, considering the line of work you try to keep in, is pretty damning.
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