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Basic Improvements

Basic Improvements

Postby Antenociti » 10 May 2010 11:13

..and things other carts do a lot better.

CCP does some thing well but missses some very basic stuff and its ability to show reports is practically non-existant unless you know coding of sql. Some basic information should be easy to display on a single page or "Dashboard". ..


1) Estimate of monthly sales: very baic but useful info which "guesstimates" the monthly sales based on what has sold so far - starts off innacurate but by the end of first week to middle of month it gets pretty accurate. This is avery useful feature to kepp track of sales for that month "at a glance"

2) Last months sales
Use above to show last 6 months of sales

3)Best Sellers:
Shows top 10 selling items for this month (and each of the last 6 months)

4) Low stock Display:
Display a list of Items which are at low-stock levels and require ordering
Add an extra column to products so the owner can put in the company that prouct is ordered from: you can then sort items that need ordering by the company they are ordered from (make this a csv download)

5) Year-too-date sale
YTD sales, last years sales, previous years sales

6) AVG customer spend:
The average customer spend for this year, last year, previous year

7)Top 10 customers:
Names of the top 10 customers with their spends too date.

Easy stuff, but very useful.
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Re: Basic Improvements

Postby sushisushi » 13 Jun 2010 14:02

some basic financial data on a dashboard page would be very helpful UK's number one sushi and Japanese ingredients store selling food, cookware and tableware
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Re: Basic Improvements

Postby Neil_D » 24 May 2011 11:46

Has there been any developments with improved reporting within the CCP software?
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Re: Basic Improvements

Postby GreenbarnWeb » 27 May 2011 16:09

This will be added in future releases.
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